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Start quoting, view our price and place your order now to get express delivery of your HDI printed circuit board prototypes.
An HDI PCB, or High Density Interconnect PCB is a printed circuit board with a higher circuitry density.
An HDI PCB design usually includes finer lines and spaces, smaller vias and capture pads, and pads with high connection density.
A high density PCB incorporates blind, buried vias and microvias.
View ICAPE HDI PCB Technical Specification and Capabilities

Delivery unit

Panel Length

PCB Length

Panel Width

PCB Width

Panel Qty


Length unit

PCB per panel

Minimum batch size we may quote online is 0.0025 square meter
Maximum batch size we may quote online is 5 square meter
Minimum PCB size is 10x10mm
Maximum PCB width is 240mm - Maximum PCB length is 780mm


Number of step

Finished Cu Inner

Finished Cu Outer

Resin Filling

Copper Filling

Press Fit holes

Half holes

CounterSink holes

Board Thickness

Blind via

Buried via

Pealable soldermask

Laser drilling


Tg value i

Impedance control


Solder Mask

Solder Mask color

Shipping method

Delivery country

The delivery date of your PCBs will be confirmed after Engineering Questions are over.
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Currency rate : 1€ = 1.048600$
Currency rate : 1€ = $


We have a large choice of PCB HDI materials. Please contact us for more information and a quote at

Brand Name Type Series TG Value PDF
Brand Name Type Series TG Value PDF


Specification Options
Material Shengyi, EMC
Layers 28 layers + 3 steps HDI max
Max delivery panel size 550*900mm
Max board thickness 10mm
Min Width/space 2.5/2.5mil
Specification Options
Copper thickness 6oz max
Hole size 0.15mm min for CNC drilling, 0.08mm for laser
Aspect ratio 13:1
S/M bridge Min 3 mil
Resin plug hole size From 0.08~0.6mm
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