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To accompany the growth and development of its activities, ICAPE Group is pleased to announce the arrival of its new Global Marketing Director: Guillaume CARLI.

Guillaume CARLY - New marketing director

With an expected growth of 200% of its revenues in the coming years, ICAPE Group has decided to strengthen its marketing department to support sales growth and is pleased to announce the appointment of Mr. Guillaume Carli as its new Global Marketing Director. Mr. Guillaume Carli holds a master’s degree in BA from Skema business school, and he has extensive international experience in Spain, the UK, and Belgium for more than 10 years. He comes with over 15 years of experience in marketing roles for leading B2B companies such as Goodyear or Infopro Digital Automotive, where he has a successful record of accomplishment in marketing and digital transformation.

At ICAPE Group, Mr. Guillaume Carli will oversee increasing brand awareness through a unique positioning in the PCB market as well as designing a winning marketing plan to support ICAPE’s ambitions to double the turnover in the next 4 years: “I am incredibly happy to join ICAPE Group in this context, where the company succeeded the IPO. During my career in Marketing, I had the opportunity to work for international companies and I am committed to bringing my expertise to such a dynamic and growing company. Marketing is at the heart of the company’s strategy to reach and support more customers all around the world and to bring advanced data and tools to our help our sales force with the aim of increasing our service level.”



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